Leaps, Ides, 4LeafClovers, Lions and Lambs

We’re CLOSED Saturday April 16th for a wedding cake assembly and delivery! Sorry for the inconvenience, please come see us next week!


IMG_4903A year ago this coming week, Heather saw the space that is now Balsamroot Bakery & Cafe for the first time. It took five months to go from first viewing of the space and initial conversations to OPEN! We’ve been adapting since that first day open, continually listening, learning, changing. As we celebrate this leap year, we’re also celebrating so very many leaps forward for Balsamroot! Talking of listening and learning – put Vox Docs at Snowy Owl in Leavenworth March 11 and 12th on your calendar. Heather saw Racing Extinction, which will be part of the festival, last year at Sundance thanks to Vox Docs creator Rick Wray. Won’t spoil it for you!

Ides, Four Leaf Clovers, Lions, Lambs and the Vernal Equinox

March is a transformational month. It’s easy to see why it was the start of the New Year for the Romans. Our valley, fields, and orchards awaken from winter slumber. We have the best of both worlds – snow still in the mountains, and dryland play down at the valley floor. We’re eager for the first spring asparagus from the Basin!

IMG_4282Look for Irish-inspired dishes and desserts in our menu in mid-March. Making a return will be our Guinness Chocolate Cake with Irish Cream filling and Irish Whiskey Buttercream. Shortbreads during this week will be four leaf clovers and rainbows. Early orders welcome! We’ll also have fun with idioms rooted in astronomy, and celebrate the onset of spring this month. Things are already greening up!

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