Charitable Giving

I believe in actively participating in the community I live and work in, and finding ways to give back. One of the ways I do that is by volunteering my time in service of organizations. I serve on the Douglas County Boundary Review Board, the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust board, and the Keep it in the Valley Foundation board. I volunteer as a producer for the Numerica Performing Arts Center and as a house manager and usher for Music Theatre of Wenatchee. I spend time in the Cakes for College food truck for the Keep it in the Valley Foundation.

Through Balsamroot Baking, I donate delicious baked goods to assist local organizations with missions that promote the arts, healthy living, green living/thinking, or culinary and food-appreciation/education events in our community with raising funds or awareness. You can make a donation request by contacting me at (509) 679-1245 or Please make your donation request a minimum of two weeks in advance of your event.

To date, I’ve supported the following organizations.

Year     Organization                                        Donation                                Event Context                     Approx. Retail Value

2016     Wenatchee Bike to Work Day             TBD                                          Bike to Work Day
2016     Autoimmune Advocacy Alliance         GF Flatbreads                         Winter Lecture Event
2016     KOHO Chili Cookoff                              Chili Samples for 300            Annual Cookoff
2016     WV Museum & Cultural Center          Two Bites for 300                   Annual Fundraising Gala

2015     Women’s Resource Center                 2 Special Occasion Cakes       Annual Fundraising Gala  $130
2015     RunWenatchee                                     Two 9 inch Pies                        Turkey on the Run             $70
2015     Numerica Performing Arts Center    Cooking Class                           Annual Fundraising Gala
2015     Young Life                                              Bites for 500                            Taste of Wenatchee
2015     Mission Ridge Ski Team                       Two 9 inch Fall Desserts        Bomber Wing Auction       $125
2015     Community Choice                               Breakfast Portables               Bike to Work Week             $100
2015     RunWenatchee                                      Carrot Cake/Boccone Dolce  Trails in Motion Film Fest $70
2015     Numerica Performing Arts Center     Guinness-Whiskey Cake        Dinner Duets                      $110
2015     Cashmere Chamber of Commerce    Guinness-Whiskey Cake        Annual Fundraising Gala   $55
2015     Ready, Set, Run                                      Two 9 inch Apple Pies           Pi Run                                   $50
2015     WV Museum & Cultural Center           Dessert Bites for 200            Annual Fundraising Gala   $500

2014     Women’s Resource Center                  2 Special Occasion Cakes     Annual Fundraising Gala   $200
2014     Numerica Performing Arts Center     Monthly Dessert for a Year  Annual Fundraising Gala    $500